A coding conference and virtual meetup for Grades 1-6 students


Last year, young students from Grade 1 & 2 participated for the first time during Codeathon day and explored the ScratchJr. app. They loved it! This year we will open our doors to young learners from around the world and engage them with coding.

Maker Connections

Coding is a part of the maker movement - one can design and program using code, and as such use this technology as an essential element in problem solving and creative thinking. Global Codeathon can be a great platform for students to connect with the global community by learning with others and sharing their maker projects. More information will be posted soon!

Advanced Competition

The advanced coding competition is a great opportunity to be creative and to test one’s coding skills. Should you choose to join this activity, you will be given a coding task a month before the competition which you will then share it to a greater community. 

The Theme will be announced in April.

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Last Year's Codeathon

The 2016 Global Codeathon was the first time that we had multiple schools in the Americas (both in the USA) meet in real time to share their love of coding.  The Advanced Competition winner was a 3rd grader from California and he loved receiving his winner’s certificate signed by Dong Nguyen, the maker of Flappy Bird. 

We loved having the Americas join and hope to get more schools involved to make this the biggest Global Codeathon ever!