Cathie Matthews has been an Early Years teacher for almost 30 years and has worked in International schools in South East Asia since 1994. She currently teaches 5 and 6 year olds at UNIS Hanoi. Although a ‘veteran’ teacher, she still feels like a ‘novice’ when it comes to using new technology ! Cathie has embraced the challenge, attended the Learning 2 Asia conference and commenced her COETAIL journey. She now uses much of her spare time blogging, tweeting and connecting with other like-minded educators. She enjoys dabbling with iPad apps that allow children to share their creativity and thinking. Cathie is also an IB PYP workshop leader. Through her workshops, she aims to inspire other ‘novices’ develop skills and confidence to grow their geeky-ness! Cathie believes if she can authentically embed technology in her Kindergarten classroom, anyone can!