Lesson Plan 1: Remix Catching Game to Defend the earth

  • Show how to change a sprite and background.
  • In groups/pairs students create a simple program using  the 8 specified blocks. They can duplicate the blocks as many times as they like. See Eight Block Challenge  >>>>>
  • Share experiences: Students look at what other groups have done and reflect on what they learned and noticed. Ask: What is something that confused you and how did you figure it out?
  • Explain that for this years Codeathon the theme is Defend the Earth. Discuss some ideas of what the earth might need defending from. Show students the Catching Game.
  • Remix a simple Catch GameOpen the game and show how to remix the project and see the scripts. Give kids challenges. How could we improve this game?  How could we make it defend the earth?   (make it change backgrounds, have a different way of moving the character, make the character move faster or slower, make the sprite say something, change levels, add or change sprites to something more original (5 minutes).
  • Show the kids that there are sprites from Dong Nguyen already in the game that they can use of they like.  They just have to take away the “hide” command. Give kids time to work on their remix game (30 minutes) Use the following resources:

Scratch help cards  

Scratch help video

Scratch help sheet

  • Students who want a challenge can watch (how to make a simple game) and create their own. Share with other students (5 minutes)
  • Demonstrate how to share a project and add it to the Studio.

Catch Game Remix