Lesson Plan 2: Animation

  • Run the Eight Blocks challenge.  (20 minutes)
    • Show how to change a sprite and background
    • In groups/pairs students create a simple program using the 8 specified blocks. They can duplicate the blocks as many times as they like.
  • Students act out scripts (10 minutes)

Getting Started   

  • Discuss what story might you tell to help save the earth. What might the earth need saving from? Look at the sample story and animation and discuss any new ideas they have.
  • Students create their own animations. (30 minutes)
  • Share with other students (5 minutes). Give students a chance to discuss the following:
    • What were your challenges? How did you overcome them?  What are you proud of? What could be your next step?
  • Demonstrate how to share a project and add it to the Studio (10 minutes)