Lesson Plan 3: Make a Maze

  • Have students open up Scratch. Give students time to explore the Scratch interface in an open-ended way. (10 minutes)
    • Prompt students with, “You have 10 minutes to make something surprising happen to the Scratch cat.” Or, “Take 10 minutes to explore the interface fearlessly. What do you notice?” Encourage students to work together, ask each other for help, and share what they are figuring out.
  • Ask for 3 or 4 volunteers to share with the entire group one thing that they discovered. Optionally, after the volunteers have shared, offer several challenges to the students:
    • Did anyone figure out how to add sound?
    • Did anyone figure out how to change the background?
    • Did anyone figure out how to get help with blocks?
  • Eight Blocks Challenge (20 minutes)
    • Show how to change a sprite and background.
    • In groups/pairs students create a simple program using the 8 specified blocks. They can duplicate the blocks as many times as they like.
  • Show kids how to change backgrounds and choose characters.
  • Share sample gameHave them figure out how to move the character.
  • Show them resources which show how to add levels, move back to the beginning and point sprite in different directions.
  • Ask what else might they want to add to their game. For example, prizes with points, moving enemies, etc.
  • Share with other students (5 minutes). Give students a chance to discuss the following:
    • What were your challenges? How did you overcome them?  What are you proud of? What could be your next step?
  • Demonstrate how to share a project and add it to the Scratch Studio (10 minutes)