Lesson Plan 1: Defend the Earth Remix

  • Explain that for this year’s Codeathon the theme is Defend the Earth.
  • Discuss some ideas of what the earth might need defending from.
  • Show students some idea of games that can be remixed such as Catching Game or Protect the Earth from Meteors.
  • Give kids challenges. How could we improve this game?  How could we make it Defend the Earth?   (make it change backgrounds, have a different way of moving the character, make the character move faster or slower, make the sprite say something, change levels, keep score, add gravity, change sprites to something more original (5 minutes)
  • Show the kids that there are sprites from Dong Nguyen that they can use if they want. It would be awesome if they create their own too. 

Give kids time to work on their remix game (30 minutes). Demonstrate how to share a project and add it to the Studio. If your school has Makey Makeys you can also add this element.


  • Makey Makeys
  • Alligator Clips
  • Tinfoil
  • Copper Tape
  • Playdoh
  • Anything conductive the students want to use for their interactive idea
  • Wires
  • Big boxes


  • Inspire students with this video (stop at 1:25) about the Makey Makey if some are unfamiliar.


  • How could Make Makeys make the program better?
    • What could you use for your controls?
    • Could you make the controls to simulate the experience of the game?
  • Hook Makey Makey ports (the keys your students programmed) to the interactive objects in the room.
  • Create signs if needed to prompt interaction.
  • Students share with other students
  • If possible, take a quick video clip and post to Twitter using #globalcodeathon